Our services

General health advice

We can provide you with our professional health advice and have a range of informative and illustrated brochures on important health subjects.


For all prescriptions dispensed our team will always take the time to explain what is prescribed so you get the best results from the medicine. We will give you advice on possible side effects and will answer any questions you have.

Medicine information

We can provide information about medicines we dispense, sold over the counter and any other enquires you may have.

Medicine disposal

Do not keep old medicines because you think you may need them in the future. Return unused medicines to us and we’ll dispose of them properly – not down the drain or into the landfill!

Blister packing

Having difficulty remembering to take your medications? We offer an inexpensive weekly/monthly dosing aid service that is customised for your medication regime.

Passport photos

No appointment required, just drop in to our pharmacy. All information and forms for passports (including passport photos) are available from NZ Department of Internal Affairs.

Ear piercing

Come in and see one of our friendly, trained staff who can assist with getting a piercing.

Crutches hire

We have crutches available for hire.

Emergency contraceptive pill

Formerly known as the “Morning After Pill”, our Pharmacists are trained to provide the ECP, following a consultation with you in a private consultation room.